Vuelta a Espana 2011 Stage 6: Leakygas brain farting across the line

Peter Sagan wins his first Grand Tour stage

Peter Sagan shows us all how much of a wunderkid he really is, and not just with his legs. Luckily the young Slovakian saved Liquigas’ face when Pablo Lastras nearly took his second stage win in three days among 4 (yes FOUR) Liquigas riders after the descent of Alto del Catorce.

Led by Nibali the four riders screamed downhill towards the finish line, tearing the lead group with race leader Chavenel apart. Only Lastras could stay with the quartet long enough to cross with the lead group into Cordoba. This was a great advantage for Liquigas and they looked to put Nibali into the red leaders jersey by getting him those precious extra seconds for placing in the top 3 of a stage.

So how did it happen that Nibali didn’t get any bonus points? Obviously he couldn’t be one of the first two to cross the line, but why not the third? ¬†Unfortunately, the same man crossing the line in anger of Sagan was the same who cost Nibali precious bonus seconds. Eros Capecchi did his part and fell back, but Valerio Agnoli could only raise his fist in anger of Sagan as he saved the stage for Liquigas-Cannondale.

While I won’t say that getting those four Liquigas guys up front and getting Sagan’s first Grand Tour stage win wasn’t both exciting and impressive, forgetting about your leader while trying to earn him extra time is embarrassing. Better luck next time fellas.